FREE First Time Central Heating

At Warmer Home Grant, we believe that every person should have a house that is warm and comfortable at all times. The core of our mission is making sure central heating is accessible to everyone’s home.

The free first time central heating grant is a governmental grant offered throughout the United Kingdom, where you can get free central heating if you are eligible.

We have a focus on inclusivity as well as well-being such that we aspire for a transformative impact that ensures that no one gets left out in the cold. Warmer Home Grant offers a cosier, healthier, and more comfortable living experience.

What is a Central Heating System

A central heating system is your home’s primary source of heat during winter days where it provides warmth throughout the cold months. It consists of boilers, radiators, and pipe networks within your walls; all working together to provide a warm temperature in each room while shielding you from the harsh outside weather.

The boiler is the part that heats the water to be delivered throughout your home. The system works by generating heat in a central location (usually the boiler) and then distributing it throughout the home via the pipes and radiators.

A radiator is a device usually fitted directly onto the wall. Radiators radiate heat throughout the house at given times of the day to increase room temperature. Warm air rises, which is then replaced by cold air, so the system kicks back in, and the radiators click back on to heat the room once more. Radiators work by hot water flowing through them to heat the outer metal, which then emits heat into the room.

In addition to comfortability, a reliable heating system contributes significantly towards maintaining healthy living conditions within your home by avoiding conditions like dampness or mould. Both of which usually emerge due to low temperatures. So having a good boiler system ensures you not only stay warm but also remain healthy.

Are you Eligible?

It takes just 3 simple steps to apply for an ECO4 grant, you’re not forced to commit, and you won’t need to pay a penny towards the work:

60 seconds to complete the eligibility form

If you think you qualify for our ECO4 grants, simply fill in our form and a member of the team will be in touch within 24 hours.

FREE Survey

When we have confirmed your eligibility, we will arrange for one of our approved energy surveyors to assess your property free of charge.

FREE Installation

We will submit your grant application on your behalf and arrange for work to begin on your property within 7 days – it’s that simple! You get a warmer more efficient home and lower energy bills

Who Qualifies for the Grant?


You Must Be a Receipt Of Qualifying Benefits

If you are struggling financially, then the free central heating government scheme was made specifically for someone like yourself who needs help. To qualify, you must be receiving certain benefits aimed at helping those going through economic hardship, either as individuals or families. This way, only those who need it most can benefit from the grant, thereby making it a fair grant for all UK residents.


You Must Own Your Own Home Or Be A Private Tenant

Regardless of whether you own the property or rent it privately, you too can access the grant because our company believes that everyone deserves warmth in their homes. This inclusivity ensures that heating provided by central systems reaches every corner of society, including those who may not be able to afford to install them.


You Must Complete Our Eligibility Checker

Our eligibility tool is meant to make it easier for you when applying by simply filling out our eligibility form. It helps determine whether or not you meet the criteria necessary for being awarded The free first time central heating grant, thereby making your journey towards a warmer home straightforward.

Why do I Need a
Central Heating Grant?

Energy Efficiency

Modern central heating systems are not just about warmth; they are about efficiency as well. For instance, if you get your central heating installed through our grant, it will promote energy efficiency. This will help reduce your overall carbon footprint, contributing towards a sustainable future.

Cost Savings

With the escalating prices of power nowadays, having an energy-efficient central heating system should be a high priority. In addition to enjoying warmth, there will be a reduction in your bills which means more money in your own pockets.

Home Comfort

The availability of the grants guarantees that people no longer struggle with cold homes. Gone are the days of trying to keep warm by wrapping up in multiple layers even when indoors. A modern boiler will transform your home into a comfortable place where your family can relax together comfortably.

What are the Benefits of Having a
Central Heating Grant?

  1. Financial Assistance: The free central heating government scheme gives financial aid to qualified people and families. We understand that it may be difficult for you to install a central heating system due to the high costs involved, and therefore this grant intends to make this more affordable for you.
  2. Professional Installation: Our grant doesn’t only cater to the cost but also includes professional installation services. This ensures that your central heating system is correctly installed so that it’s safe to use from day one. We work directly with accredited engineers throughout the UK.
  3. Access to Modern Technology: When you use the free first time central heating grant, you’ll get a modern central heating system. This gives you a system that consumes less energy than before and has additional features, such as a smartphone app to control heat while away. 
  4. Improved Home Value: Installing a central heating system improves your living standards but also adds value to your property. It’s a practical investment, costing nothing from your side, that pays off in terms of immediate comfort as well as long-term increased property value.

Take Advantage of the
Central Heating Grant Today

Are you ready for warmth? 

Contact our team today to grab the opportunity presented by the free first-time central heating grant

You can reach us at +44 7700 165215 or +44 20387 83246, where our dedicated team will respond to any question regarding the application process and guide you on how best to proceed. 

Call us today and let yourself enjoy being in the warmly furnished home you deserve.

Or, if you want to quickly check if you’re eligible, use our eligibility checker on our website.


Here Are the Most Frequent Questions

ECO4 stands for Energy Company Obligation’s fourth option, which is a government initiative aimed at making homes more energy efficient within the United Kingdom. It encompasses grants and schemes to support various energy-saving measures, including the installation of central heating systems.

You may be entitled to the ECO4 grant if you meet certain conditions such as receiving qualifying benefits, owning your own home or being a private tenant, and completing our eligibility checker.

Apart from central heating systems, ECO4 grants may cover a range of energy-saving measures. This can include insulation, radiators, and anything else related to your heating system. These measures contribute towards creating homes that are more energy efficient while also serving broader sustainability objectives the UK has set out on.

Specific benefits are required for you to qualify for an ECO4 grant. The benefits chosen are those which target individuals or families on low incomes thereby ensuring that only those who most need help towards achieving energy-efficient home improvements receive assistance through this scheme.

Don’t hesitate check to see if you are eligible!