What are Air Source Heat Pump? Know it All

As the UK heads towards its Net Zero 2050, it makes available more technologies to help homeowners across the UK live in better and more comfortable conditions, while maintaining a more sustainable and greener practice. With up to 7500 pounds (an increase from 5000 pounds from October 2022) allocated to air source heat pump installation per home, the UK department of energy has encouraged more people to come forward to reap the benefits of a better system to warm them as the UK heads into another winter. Let’s explore the advantages and the benefits of going for air source heat pumps as an option for a warmer home.

What Are Air Source Heat Pumps:

Air source heat pumps, as the name suggests, extracts heat from the air, which is freely available and renewable. The air is then compressed further which causes it to further heat up and then uses other heating systems to warm it up to the desired temperature. This unique technology allows homes to contribute to the zero-carbon emission aim, which is why the government is offering bigger grants to allow you to take advantage of its benefits and save on bills at almost no initial cost.

Why Take Advantage of Air Source Heat Pumps Grants:

Air source heat pumps help lower bills significantly, with the only disadvantage being the significant installation cost, but we have you covered! Check your eligibility and waste no time worrying about heating or cooling your home!

Air source heat pumps are a renewable energy solution. This is an important aspect of it because it’s the biggest contributor to your lower energy bill!

The latest air source heat pumps that we install are highly efficient, meaning they waste almost no energy!

You do not need to do much! Warmer Homes Grant takes its time to research which grants are best for you and your home, based on aspects like design and space of your home, and brings the best offers to you to make sure that you don’t miss out. Years of experience has taught us how to make sure our customers are happy without having to do much other than sit back and wait for our agent in the comfort of their home!

Why Warmer Homes Grant

Warmer Homes Grant puts their customers first, taking into factors different aspects of their homes such as insulation, outside temperature, and heating requirements to bring the best options and make sure they benefit as much as they can from the government grants. Air source heat pumps are usually costly, easily surpassing 10,000 pounds, and this grant makes sure that it doesn’t make a dent in your pocket, especially when you compare it to the money you will be saving on bills.     

Fill the form on the main page and one of our agents will contact you in less than 24 hours. You do not need to run your name against all the government requirements for a grant because we will do it for you. Our skilled field agents also offer flexible times when installing your new air source heat pump or boiler, which makes it a perfect fit. Click here to fill the form.

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