Who is Eligible for Free Back Boiler Replacement Grant?

Back boiler being popular back from the 1960’s all the way to the 1970’s, back boilers are still being used in homes across the UK today. With the government putting the importance of energy efficiency and savings on the top of its priority list, back boiler replacement has come under the free replacement scheme to help save the environment and your pocket.

How Do Back Boilers Work?

Back boilers are usually installed beside a fireplace, using the fire to heat water which is then used to warm the whole house. Compared to today’s technology, this is a very inefficient and outdated method to keep your house warm. New condensing boilers for example, can save you up to 600 pounds a year in comparison, depending on usage.

Installing back boilers is illegal now, a practice stopped back in 2005, and while this did not affect many people because they are rare, there are still some homes that use them, which can lower their value in today’s market. Back boilers are unpopular now due to their almost 70 percent efficiency score. A flue gas heat recovery system in new condensing boilers makes them much more energy efficient, helping you keep your home warm for less, thus the need to replace them is rising amongst homeowners who still use them. Doing the switch can be free for you, so let’s explore the advantages of replacing your back boiler and see the next steps you can take to help make your home warmer for less.

Back Boiler Replacement. Why Now?

As energy costs increase, switching to modern boilers means less expenses and bills. While this is a basic point, being eligible for a grant or completely free boiler replacement means you save without having to put in the initial investment.

Your safety. Modern boilers are built with reliability and safety in mind. Switching now means helping make you safe. Back boilers break down more due to age and are more prone to leaks making your living environment hazardous.

Back boilers are harder to adjust since they use direct fire. Installing a new one not only gives you more control over energy usage, but also more accurate readings and adjustments.

New condensing boilers can also give you the advantage of being able to install accompanying tech that can give you control over your boiler from smart gadgets and other easy access devices. You no longer must get out of the comfort of your sofa to adjust the temperature.

Different Options:

There are many options to replace your back boiler with a more modern and environmentally friendly one, and condensing boilers are one of the best options out there. The government energy saving scheme covers many options, and we make sure that you don’t miss out. check your eligibility for grants for condensing boilers, air source heat pumps and other heating systems by filling out our form. We will contact you in less than 24 hours giving you the best options you have under the government energy saving scheme.

Why Warmer Homes Grant.

Our team has worked with individuals from all backgrounds and needs to make sure that replacing boilers and making their home more energy efficient is easier. While we understand that the process, for some, can be time consuming, our flexible times mean that we can do this conversion while considering your availability and comfort. Fill our form and we will contact you to help build a better home.

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