Why Should You Replace Your Old Storage Heater?

Stop shivering! Ditch the dinosaur heater and cosy up to modern warmth. If you own a clumsy storage heater, you might be clinging to a relic from a bygone era of chunky tech and questionable thermal efficiency. Let’s see why replacing your old storage heater with a modern model could be the smartest upgrade you make this year.

5 Reasons to Consider Storage Heater Replacement

Tired of constantly adjusting your old storage heater? Upgrade to a new one and let it do the work for you. If you’re worried about the upfront cost, you can apply for the storage heater replacement grant.

The government gives financial assistance to help low-income people replace their old, broken heaters with new and better ones through the ECO4 program. But it’s not only limited to your financial status. We will discuss this program later in this article.

First, let’s explore why it’s necessary to replace your storage heater if it’s not working like it should.  

It May Contain Asbestos

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous silicate mineral that was used for different industrial products, including storage heaters. However, it got banned around the late 90s due to its several health effects.

Curious if your storage heater contains this hazardous substance? There’s a simple way to check. Just look up the brand and model to determine its approximate age. As a general rule, the older the heater, the higher the likelihood of it containing asbestos. In fact, if your heater was made before 1974, there’s a significant chance it does contain the substance.
If you think there might be asbestos in your storage heater, do not try to open it and check yourself or discard it. This could be dangerous for you and other people. Instead, ask a professional to help you get rid of the heater safely.
You don’t have to stress about this lethal substance while buying a new storage heater. Asbestos is out of the picture now that it’s banned.

It Consumes Too Much Electricity

These energy guzzlers can leave you with a hefty utility bill at the end of the month. Old models have two dials to control how much heat they store and how fast it escapes. This makes it hard for people to change their heating schedule. Thus, sometimes the heat runs out when you need it the most.

Modern heaters have advanced controls and 24/7 programmability. They take advantage of off-peak electricity tariffs to reduce your running costs further.

It Takes More Space

The older models are usually bulky because they have heavy materials like concrete and bricks for heat storage. Although still functional, these clumsy, unappealing heaters aren’t relevant anymore. They also take up an entire corner of the room.

New storage heaters are compact with more effective insulation materials that are quite dense. This streamlined design is more appropriate for modern room layouts. Plus, you can find one in neutral shades if you’re too picky about the aesthetics.

It Delivers Inconsistent Heating

Old storage heaters require constant babysitting. They can’t automatically adjust to maintain the perfect temperature in your living space. Instead, they rely on you to keep a hawk eye on the temperature and manually adjust the output dial for optimal comfort.

Heat retention modern storage heaters come with sleek and efficient digital thermostats built right in! These heaters ‘learn’ your preferred temperature and keep it steady, ensuring you’re always comfortable. There’s no more wild swings between too hot and too cold. The built-in thermostat makes micro-adjustments as needed to keep the temperature steady.

It Doesn’t Support a Greener Future

Unlike traditional storage heaters, modern ones use solar panel technology. These sun-soaking devices capture energy from sunlight and use it to power your heater to lower your reliance on grid electricity. If you opt for this eco-friendly duo, you can actively contribute to ongoing global warming initiatives.

Another option is to replace your storage heater with a heat pump to reduce your carbon footprint. You wouldn’t just benefit from comfortable heating during those chilly days. A heat pump can also provide refreshing, cool air during the hot summer months.

Heat pumps today have an impressive efficiency rating of 300% to 400% or even higher. In other words, they can produce three to four times more heat energy than the electricity they use. There are government grants for heat pumps available that can make your switch more affordable.

It Doesn’t Have Versatile Features

If you’ve got one of those old-fashioned night storage heaters, you’ve probably noticed they’re tucked away on internal walls. That’s to help reduce heat loss. But it limits where you can place your heater.

Modern storage heaters have a convection chamber, which works like a cosy ‘heat blanket’ to trap and circulate warmth throughout your room. This design doesn’t limit where you can install these heaters. You have the freedom to place them anywhere in your home without losing out on their heating power.

Smart storage heaters can be controlled using your phone or tablet through Wifi. You can change the temperature even if you’re not at home. Some heaters can also charge themselves to save energy and make heating easier for you.

Are You Eligible for the Storage Heater Replacement Grant?

Various groups, including homeowners with energy-inefficient properties, seniors over 60, low-income families, single parents, and disabled individuals, are eligible for the storage heater replacement grant. The goal is to improve their homes’ energy efficiency and reduce expenses.

Rural households can now benefit from efficient heating systems through the off-gas property grant and ECO4 initiative for improved living conditions in remote areas.

Final Words

Why settle for a basic storage heater when you can have a sleek and stylish one that’s programmable as well? Most importantly, old storage heaters are energy-sucking and harmful to your health if they have asbestos. Keep in mind that you aren’t supposed to discard it on your own. Even if your model doesn’t have this lethal material, a modern storage heater is still better in terms of efficiency and sustainability.

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