Why Chose Gas Boiler Over Hydrogen Boiler?

Gas boilers are an essential part of many UK home heating systems, with almost 80 percent of them utilizing gas boilers in some form to keep their house warm. While natural gas is still a fossil fuel, it is a more efficient way to keep homes warm without losing much energy. That means that with the right insulations in place and installing new boilers by utilizing government schemes such as the ECO4, you would still be contributing to the health of the environment. As the UK heads towards a carbon-free future, the UK government has made available financing options that would help vulnerable communities across the UK become energy efficient for free or at a low cost. 
While gas boilers, according to some news outlets, will be suspended and disallowed starting 2025, the ones installed before will still be allowed to operate till the end of their lifecycle. Starting now, new gas boilers are already being fitted with technology that will allow the switch to hydrogen, a renewable energy source, to be easier in the future. Some gas boilers already use a mix of hydrogen and natural gas, and while the percentage usage of hydrogen is low, it is still a step towards the right direction.
Why Hydrogen Boilers Are Not as Popular as Gas Boilers:
Gas boilers tend to bring the costs down, while at the same time operate fast, meaning that they allow homes to reach the desired temperature quickly. This luxury and comfort prompt most people to ignore other options, especially when compared to hydrogen boilers, which come at a higher cost. Schemes like ECO4 cover gas boilers because they are affordable to the government, while hydrogen boilers require a higher investment towards the basic infrastructure of a home. Awareness of the advantages of hydrogen boilers regarding a better environment and zero carbon future is also low, another reason why they are not as popular as gas boilers. 
Hydrogen As a Renewable Source of Energy:
Hydrogen is a renewable source of energy, being abundant, it means that with time and the right technology, homes will be able to keep warm without producing any carbon, as water vapor is the only byproduct of hydrogen boilers. Hydrogen boilers will also be easier to install than other renewable energy sources because, like gas boilers, they use the same heating method that involves burning gas and passing it through pipelines. Advancements in areas that involve the storage of hydrogen can also help reduce the initial costs, making hydrogen boilers, in the long run, a much better renewable method than solar panels and wind energy. Issues that are currently being tackled with hydrogen boilers are the production of hydrogen itself, which through hydrolysis, can be expensive, and other methods release a lot of carbon, making the production of it not very environmentally friendly. 
That means that for now gas boilers will continue to rule, being more compact and less explosive than hydrogen boilers, will help them stay around for a while. That is why installing them to replace older boilers is advised, to help reduce leaks and energy costs. 
Warmer Home Grants for Your Gas Boiler:
Warmer Home Grants have been working under the ECO4 in the UK market for a long time, with engineers that have amassed 20+ years of experience in the field. By visiting your home and taking a quote, we can help you replace your old boiler for free or at a very low cost. Other aspects of your home that can be improved are also taken into consideration to make it more energy efficient. ECO4 is an initiative under the UK government that can help you replace your boiler for free If you are eligible. fill out this form to check your eligibility. One of our agents will be in touch in less than 24 hours to tell you the next steps to take to make your home warmer for less. 
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